Documentation is a backbone of every software project. In today’s busy life writing documents for software’s is boring and time-consuming task. Most companies have separate teams to handle documentations and this is too expensive in terms of time, cost and manpower. Organizing data and synchronizing with Dev team is a separate big issue to address and this also consume time for both Dev and Docs teams.

I’ve primarily seen an innovative solution for above problem. is empowering Dev teams to transform code into winning docs with ease. is 100% free AI Tool and you don’t need to hire teams for documentations use instead.

A few steps of using

Step 1: Open website and click Sign up for free


Step 2: You can choose option Continue with Google or Create an account, don’t forget to click on checkbox below
 Step 3: Name your workspace and click Create button
 After completion of your signup and workspace below screen will appear.

Click on Add a page button and name your project, in my case project name is Quran Project


Now Click on Quran Project and press Edit button from top right corner


Now you have 2 options Generate outline and Generate doc from code, Click on Generate doc from code


Now paste your code in the code block and select language from menu plain text. You can see some options under heading Documentation type. Choose one of the options from Feature explanation, API explanation, Quick start, Tutorial or Others. I have selected Feature explanation.


In my case language is JavaScript


Now press Generate button It will take few seconds depending on the lines of code


Your document is ready now


The next step is to add new page or subpage


I am adding subpage to test next feature of Now I have chosen Tutorial from the options given and press Generate button.


Your Tutorial is ready in flash


Now we are going to explore another option Generate Outline. Create a Sub Page or New Page and click on Generate Outline. You can pick one option under Documentation type and one option under Target Audience type. In my case I have selected options API doc and Developers. Under option More information Describe your project in maximum 100 characters and press Generate button


Your API document is ready


You can share documents with your team using, after clicking on Members below screen will appear


Now click on invite members, copy the link and share with your team mates


Ask your team mates to paste the link in browser, below screen will appear to join the workspace


Now your team mates will press the button Join the workspace. Below screen will appear on your team mate’s side


When you refresh your screen you team mate’s will appear


Last but not least you can also register your subdomain by clicking the option online site. Fill the required information and press Create button.


Your subdomain is registered save it and enjoy

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